Inbox nearly over-full?

If you receive a notification about your mailbox being nearly full, you should attempt to free up some space.

You can do this from your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird etc) by checking the contents of the following folders and deleting old or unwanted messages:

  • Inbox
  • Sent item
  • Trash or Deleted Items or Bin
  • Spam
  • Drafts

You may also have created email folders which can contain emails which are also stored on our server.  This can occur if you connect to our server using IMAP.

Your email program may also be set to leave emails on our server for a certain number of days.  If you have this set for a high number of days it can result in emails being stored on our server for a long time after you have deleted them.  This can occur if you connect to our server using POP3.  We recommend that you change the setting in your email program to save message on the server for 14 days or less.

It is sometimes possible that there may be email folders on our server that are not visible to you by using your usual email program (Outlook, Thunderbird etc) so we recommend that you log into your email account using webmail.  Go to  Click on Roundcube if you are using a Webshield email adress ( then login with your email address and email password.

If you have forgotten your email password please contact us here.

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