Incl. Data
Min Monthly
Monthly Rate
Seniors Basic 20Gb /month Free*( with 1 year contract) $2.25/Gb $245 $45
Seniors Generous 300Gb** Free*( with 1 year contract) $0.18/Gb $255 $55
* Free setup with 2yr contract (early termination fee of $150)

  • ADSL2+ speed: up to 20 mbps. NBN (Tier 1): up to 12 mbps.
  • Connection speed is only slowed when data limit reached
  • One email address provided by default. Up to 4 available on request
  • Seniors card or other ID with DOB accepted as proof of age
  • ** speed slowed beyond 300Gb/month to 1Mbps Download.

This speed is estimated to be adequate for essential Internet activity