Filtered internet for Families

  • Webshield provides FILTERED NBN, ADSL, and MOBILE connections to Families, Schools and Businesses around Australia.
  • Update your filtering with a quick email to our friendly support team, so there’s NO LEARNING OF COMPLEX filtering controls to manage.
  • Your filtering could be as SIMPLE as blocking malicious sites or ad-banners … or have a TIMETABLE to block the kids from facebook in homework time.
  • Our web content filtering service protects you from unwanted content BEFORE it reaches your home, office or school network … so you don’t even need special equipment.

Great NBN ... but free from the stuff you don't want

No fuss internet. Free from the chance of bumping into problem websites

  • Protect you from unwanted content
  • Avoid parts of the internet you didn’t want to see anyway

Filtered Internet for Families

Stop access to inappropriate content and control internet access times. Ensure that there is a safe and secure environment for your family.

  • Free Kids from Adult aspects of the internet
  • Help family members control their usage

Looking for a great Plan?

  • Starter Plan $49/mth
  • Medium Plan $59/mth
  • Generous Plan $69/mth

Internet Services

Webshield offers filtered NBN, ADSL2 and Mobile Broadband internet connections. Web content filtering before it reaches your premises.

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to implement

Web Hosting

Web hosting services for your business or organisation’s website. Fast Australian based servers, local support. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

  • From $10 / month
  • Full cPanel Hosting

Domain Names

Promote your business with your own domain name. We can provide a personalised service to help you secure the domain name you require.

  • Bulk domain search
  • Instant domain approvals