Authorised Representatives and Advocates

A Supplier must ensure that a Consumer can appoint an Authorised Representative to act on their behalf, if the Consumer requires, and must:
  1. Authority: we take care to obtain the Customer’s authority or an appropriate other authority such as a letter of authorisation, copy of the relevant power of attorney or other reasonable form of authorisation as found Here before accepting a person as the Authorised Representative for a Customer
  2. Advice regarding power to act: advise the Consumer that a person appointed as an Authorised Representative has the power to act on the Consumer’s behalf as if they are the Consumer or, if the Authorised Representative has more limited rights, the level of access that those rights confer.
  3. Record keeping: keep a record of the circumstances and when the Authorised Representative was appointed
  4. Assistance: provide Consumers with access to information about how to appoint an Authorised Representative and access to any relevant forms required to evidence the appropriate authority;
  5. Acknowledgement: keep records of notification(s) to the Supplier of a relevant change in circumstance for a Customer, including the death of a Customer or the making of a guardianship order for a Customer; and
  6. Balance risks: take reasonable steps to balance the risks of fraud, privacy and security of Customers with facilitating the appointment of Authorised Representative

To ensure that a Consumer can easily use an Advocate to communicate with the Supplier, if the Consumer requires:

  • We provide clients with the option to include additional contact profiles on their account records. Once Authorized by the client verbally or in writing we include these additional contacts in communications relating to the client accounts

We advise all our customers that that any person acting as Advocate for another has no power to act on the Consumer’s behalf and has no access to their information without the Consumer express approval to such action by the customer. While we do not conduct our communication with clients in person in many cases, we accept and record the clients approval when required.

We presume that an Advocate is not authorised to establish or make changes to a Customer’s account or Telecommunications Services, unless the Advocate is also the Customer’s Authorised Representative.


Further information on Authorised Representatives and Advocates can be found in the “Communications Alliance Advocates and Authorised Representatives Industry Guidance Note”