Hosting Critical Information Summary

Current at July 2020

This summary gives you the important information you need to know about your plan. It covers things like the length of your contract, how much you need to pay each month, what’s included and what’s not.

Setup and Equipment costs

No Mandatory Telecommunications Goods are required, however you will require a Domain Name registration.

Domain Name Registration (Based on, .org, .net pricing) *Starting from $40 / 2 years

Other top-level domains have other rates. Please enquire for pricing. Our Team will check availability of your chosen domain name, register it on your behalf, and configure the domain name pointing to work on our server.

Minimum term

The service is available with no minimum term but service is provided on a monthly basis. Cancellation will require you to pay the remained of the monthly billing periods fees.

Important conditions

While our staff can assist you with site building and security, you are responsible for your site in every respect. Webshield maintains the server security and works to maintain permanent uptime. We do not control content, and you are required to maintain the security of the hosted content material.

Obtaining Consent

Webshield will require and retain on file consent to establish your connection in the form of:

  • An order form, either signed, or originating from a email account that we have on record as owned by the purchaser
  • Where possible, a copy of the most recent previous suppliers invoice

Early termination charges

If you cancel your service prior to the end of your current monthly billing cycle you will be required to pay for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

We encourage you to always contact us first if you experience any problem or are unhappy. We will do our best to solve your problem during our first contact.

You can contact the TIO as follows:

Phone: 1 800 062 058

Fax: 1 800 630 614


Customer Service

We are committed to providing you with excellent service. Please contact us by calling 1300 309 121 or by sending an email to if you have any questions, would like to give feedback or complaint.

Monthly Minimum Charges

ServiceMonthly FeeWhats includedMin. Cost per month
Basic$10 / monthly1 Domain, 1 Database, 3Gb Storage, 20Gb Data$10
Standard$18 / monthly5 Domain, 5 Database, 10Gb Storage, 50Gb Data$18
Advanced$25 / monthly10 Domain, 10 Database, 15Gb Storage, 100Gb Data$25


– Fast, stable, secure Apache Linux servers
– cPanel Access
– Control of you own Email Accounts and Spam filtering
– Simple Softaculous Tool to install Website Software (WordPress, Drupal, etc)

Additional / Setup Options

ServiceMonthly FeeWhats included
Content Management system Installation$99 / Once-Off– WordPress installation and initial configuration (No content creation)
Standard$45 / half hour– Design, Construction, & Maintenance Work

Maximum monthly charge

The maximum monthly charge depends on whether you have chosen to use additional services.

Tracking your spend

At any time you can request a log of usage by sending an email to:
or by calling us on 1300 309 121
This is a summary only. Please contact us for further information or visit our website 

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