How to create an outlook folder that saves to your Local or Network drive

Contents of this Article

  1. Uses of .PST Files
  2. Creating a .PST File
  3. Point Archive to New .PST File

1. Uses of .PST Files

  • Can be used as an Archive Folder
  • Can be used to store files locally or on a network drive
  • Drag and drop mail from your main mailbox to the PST file to save on your mailbox quota

2. Creating a .PST File

From the Outlook
Navigation Menu:

1) Select File
2) Select New
3) Select Outlook Data File

4) Select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)
5) Select OK
6) Select location for archive file (either a folder in your local hard drive or any network drive; example shown is H: drive)
7) Name file
8) Select OK

9) Rename the “Name” field to the folder title you want to appear in your Mail Folders
10) Select OK

11) Your new PST folder should now appear in your Mail Folders

3. Point Archive to New PST File

1) From the Outlook Navigation Menu select Tools
2) Select Options

3) Select the AutoArchive button

4) Select any applicable archive preferences
5) Select the Browse button

6) Select the .PST file you just created
7) Select OK

8) Select OK

9) Select OK
10) Your files should now archive on the schedule you selected into the .PST file you pointed it to
11) If you continue to have issues, please contact Support