Personal Information

We make reference to the Australian Privacy Principles Act and make every reasonable effort to comply. This means that we must ensure that a Customer’s or former Customer’s Personal Information is protected from unauthorised use or disclosure. In order to achieve this we:
  • We employ software for client information storage that meets industry standards. Access to our customer records is password protected, and encrypts critical client data where required
  • Information in our possession is secure and access is restrict to personnel who are authorised staff members
  • Any breach of these principles is taken seriously and management may consider taking disciplinary action as they see fit.

Tools for preventing unauthorised account access

We make our server based system available to clients to allow them to manage their account details and information:
  • This allows clients to change their password and access settings
  • Client can also request recovery of password and other access details directly with our staff by email to or by phone to 1300 309 121
Access to online account records is included in the clients services, and provided at no extra charge