Security Measures In Place

Webshield takes the following Measures to preventing unauthorised access to Customer Information:

  • Accounting: Access to your Customer Accounting Portal is Password protected. Please contact us if you have misplaced your password. The login requires you to use the primary email address we have on record as your login username. Webshield staff are required to login using separate passwords, and cannot view credit card details.
    • Credit card details, once entered, are encrypted to prevent even logged in staff from viewing these details.
    • Usage statistics cannot be viewed unless the viewer is logged into the portal.
  • Email: Access to Email Accounts and the WebMail Portal are password protected to prevent unauthorized access your your email. Email passwords are encrypted so that even staff members do not have access.
  • VOIP Access to the VOIP Phone portal is password protected. This prevents unauthorised access to Phone controls and call logs. Contact our support team if you have misplaced your password.
  • Hosting: Website hosting control panel login also requires password access. Contact our support team if you have misplaced your password.

With all Webshield systems, passwords can be reset by contacting Webshield staff either by:

Email to or

by Calling 1300 309 121 ACST Bus. Hour