Thunderbird Setup Guide

Setting Outgoing email to Port 587 TLS

Some users have found themselves unable to send emails due to using old email settings. Here is a basic guide on how to update your email program to the latest secure sending settings.
Open up Thunderbird and open the ‘Account Settings’ options under the ‘Tools’ menu:
This should open up a window like the one below:

– Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) option
– Choose the email account you are using on the right
– Click on Edit

Now to change the outgoing port settings to port 587 with TLS security

1) Set the ‘Use secure connection’ option to ‘TLS
2) Set the ‘Port’ to 587
That’s it! Now you can press OK and close the windows to store these settings.

In Summary:
– You do not need to change your email account name, password or incoming email settings to change your outgoing settings

– Your outgoing (SMTP) server name is:
– Your outgoing server port is: 587
– Your security type is: TLS

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