Tracking Usage

Wireless Broadband

You will receive Data Alerts at 50% 85% and 100% of data usage
If you choose to continue to use data after your chosen Data Limit is reached

  • Excess data charges will apply
  • Access will continue until your Plan Cap is reached when access may be suspended


  • You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your monthly data plan
  • Any change to your account Plan will incur a $7 plan change fee and may require a change of SIM card
  • Depending on your plan changes may not come into effect until the 1st of the following month

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a prepaid SIM card to use once your monthly data limit is reached.

ADSL / NBN Data tracking tools

While Webshield does not provide or specifically recommend a usage tracking product, there are plenty freely available online.

 Try using Google to find free usage tracking tools

How much Data does various content use

While all content online varies in size depending on length, quality, design, etc, here is a rough guide which may help you estimate how much data an online activity may use:

  • Email text only = 30 – 50 KB
  • Email with attachment, i.e. document or photo = 350 KB – 4 MB
  • Website viewing = 1 MB
  • Streaming video/minute = 7 MB (3G), 30 MB (4G)
  • Streaming music/minute = 1 MB
  • Downloading a song = 6 MB
  • Downloading an app = 30 – 100 MB
  • Uploading a photo = 4 MB
  • Making a video call with an app/minute = 8 MB (3G), 24 MB (4G)

This analogue might also be helpful (obviously these measurements are for rough estimate purposes only)

  • A text only Email = a teaspoon
  • A photo – a tablespoon
  • An audio file – a cup
  • A full length movie – a barrel