Windows 8 Mail Guide

This guide will help you configure your webshield email address in Windows 8 Mail app. 1

– From your Start screen, tap or click Mail.- If you’re using a mouse, hover over the bottom right corner of the screen to make the Charm Menu appear, then click Settings.

– If you’re using a touchscreen, swipe in from the right edge of the screen to make the Charm Menu appear, then click Settings.

– Select Accounts.

Screenshot: Locating 'Accounts' in the menu

 Locating ‘Accounts’ in the menu

Step 2

– Select Add an account.

Screenshot: 'Add an account' under Accounts

 ‘Add an account’ under Accounts

Step 3

– Select Other Account from the bottom of the list.

Screenshot: Select 'Other Account'

 Select ‘Other Account’

Step 4

– In the Email address field, type your Webshield email address, e.g.,

– In the Password field, enter your Webshield password, then click Show more details.

 Entering your email address and password

Step 5

– In the Incoming (IMAP) email server field, enter

– In the Port field next to Incoming (IMAP) email server, enter 993.

– Tick the Incoming server requires SSL box.

– In the Outgoing (SMTP) email server field, enter

  • In the Port field next to Outgoing (SMTP) email server, enter 587.

– Tick the Outgoing server requires SSL box.

– Tick the Outgoing server requires authentication box.

– Tick the Use the same username and password to send and receive email box.

– Click Connect to complete setup.

All the required email settings

Congratulations! The Mail app is now configured for use.

Further Assistance

If you wish to use POP3 instead of IMAP – refer to POP3 details on our knowledgebase page: Support Article Here

If you are still having trouble setting up your webshield email address or would like to clarify some of the steps, pleasecall us on 1300 309 121 – or use a personal free webmail account (e.g. gmail) to send us an email at