Mobile Data

Filtered with Industry Grade Content Filtering before internet data arrives at your modem.
Content Filtering can be customised to meet your current usage requirements.

  • Monthly Plans
  • PrePaid Plans
PlanQuotaMonthly$/GBExcess RateMinimum 1Month Cost
5Gb5Gb (130Gb Cap)$30$6.00$15/Gb$45
8Gb8Gb (130Gb Cap)$44$5.50$15/Gb$59
15Gb15Gb (130Gb Cap)$70$4.67$15/Gb$85
20Gb20Gb (130Gb Cap)$80$4.00$15/Gb$95
30Gb30Gb (130Gb Cap)$105$3.50$15/Gb$120
PlanIncluded DataOnce Off Cost$/gbTime LimitMinimum Cost
1Gb/30Days1Gb$25$251 month$25
2Gb/30Days2Gb$35$17.501 month$35
4Gb/90Days4Gb$55$18.333 months$55
6Gb/90Days6Gb$99$16.503 months$99
10Gb/180Days10Gb$115$11.506 months$115
15Gb/365Days15Gb$199$13.2712 months$199