Speedtest Your connection

This Speedtest runs on Webshield servers for greater accuracy. There are however several things you need to do to ensure this speed test is as accurate as possible:

  1. Only run a speedtest on a computer which is connected to your modem via an ethernet cable, not by Wifi. Wifi connections may give a slower result, meaning that the results are unusable as statistics in troubleshooting.
  2. To log a fault on your connection we need at least 3 speed tests conducted over a 24 hour period as a valid set of test data to use.
  3. Have only one device connected to the internet when you run the speedtest.  If other devices are connected to your modem  then the results will be inaccurate and unusable.

Please enter your email address, and wait for the test to fill the other boxes. Do not click Submit until all tests have completed, and the numbers have stopped changing.